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Mark Baillie

Chair of the Board of Directors

Mark Baillie was appointed Chair of the Board of Directors at the US Studies Centre in November 2015.… more

Dr Thomas Adams

Lecturer in History and American Studies

Phone: +61 2 9036 7948

Expertise: Race, gender, and economic Inequality in America, US domestic and electoral politics, Latin American/Caribbean-US foreign affairs, "social" political issues such as abortion, gay rights, cu… more

Susan Beale

Communications Manager

Phone: +61 2 9036 5087

Susan manages a team responsible for the development and delivery of the US Studies Centre's digital and print communications strategy. This includes the Centre's websites, newsletter and email campai… more


Jonathan Bradley

Media Officer

Phone: +61 2 9114 2683

Jonathan Bradley has been with the US Studies Centre since 2008 — first as a student in the master's program and currently as a member of staff. A Sydneysider and occasional Seattleite, Jonathan… more

Adjunct Associate Professor James Brown

Adjunct Associate Professor & Research Director

Expertise: Australian defence and strategic policy, US defence and strategic policy, Australia-US political relations, all research produced by Alliance 21… more

Sandy Burgoyne

Director of the Future Cities Collaborative

Sandy is an experienced business executive whose career includes 20 years in developing and leading business strategy, marketing, change and business transformation within the telecommunication, retai… more

Stephanie Dunstan

Director of Communications

Phone: +61 2 9114 2668

Stephanie Dunstan is Director of Communications at the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney.… more

Nina Fudala

Strategic Media Consultant

Phone: +61 409 321 918

Nina Fudala is a media and public relations professional, drawing on vast experience in mainstream journalism, senior roles in media management, international relations, public diplomacy and media tra… more


Dr Sarah Graham

Lecturer in US Foreign Policy

Phone: +61 2 8627 4136

Expertise: US relations with India, Pakistan and the South Asia region, US foreign policy and defense issues in Asia, Australasia and the Middle East, US political debates around foreign policy and de… more

Dr Gorana Grgic

Lecturer in US Politics and Foreign Policy

Phone: +61 2 8627 0128

Expertise: US domestic politics and foreign policy, US-Russia relations, foreign intervention in conflicts, transatlantic relations, ethnic conflicts and conflict resolution.… more


Max Halden

Media Manager

Phone: +61 2 9036 9137

Max Halden is a recent graduate of Sydney University with a Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications), who has written articles for the Sydney Morning Herald on a diverse range of topics ranging fro… more

Jennifer Kline

Student Mobility Manager

Phone: +61 2 9114 2621

Jenny manages a team responsible for the development and delivery of the US Studies Centre's study abroad and internship program strategies. This includes such programs as the G'Day USA American Insig… more

Andrea Koch

Director of the Soil Carbon Initiative

Andrea Koch leads the Soil Carbon Initiative, a project of the Dow Sustainability Program at the United States Studies Centre. From a fifth generation Australian farming family, she brings together he… more

Andrew Kwon

Program Associate, Alliance 21

Andrew Yong-chang Kwon is a Program Associate for the Alliance 21 Program.… more

Kathryn McNulty

Events Manager

Kathryn has worked in Australia and the US in range of industries, including the disability sector and TV, specialising in events management, conferences and post-production.… more


Dr Aaron Nyerges


Phone: +61 2 8627 0170

Expertise: American literature, trans-Atlantic negotiations of American cultural products, book adaptations, sound studies.… more

Associate Professor Brendon O'Connor

Associate Professor in American Politics

Phone: +61 9036 9206

Expertise: US presidential and congressional elections, US domestic politics and foreign policy, US political history, American-Australian relations, cultural politics in the US.… more

April Palmerlee

Head of Communications & Events

Phone: +61 2 9114 2688

April Palmerlee is Head of Communications and Events at the US Studies Centre.… more

Professor Susan Pond AM, FTSE

Consultant and Adjunct Professor in Sustainability

Susan Pond has led the Alternative Transport Fuels Initiative at the United States Studies Centre since her appointment in 2010 to the Dow Sustainability Program.… more

William Read

Research Assistant and Project Coordinator

Phone: +61 2 9114 2634

William is the program coordinator and research assistant for the MacArthur project “Emerging US Security Partnerships in Southeast Asia” and the “Research Network on America’s… more

Karmelia Rosa

Finance Assistant

Karmelia is a Finance Assistant at the US Studies Centre. Her responsibilities include accounting duties such as processing AP and AR, credit card reconciliations as well as other administrative dutie… more

Dr Rebecca Sheehan

Lecturer in US History

Phone: +61 2 9036 9208

Expertise: Rock music history, women in popular culture, history of social movements in the US, cultural politics in the US including race, gender, religion and sexualityRebecca joined the United Stat… more

Dr David Smith

Senior Lecturer in American Politics and Foreign Policy & USSC Academic Director

Expertise: Religion in the Untied States, US elections and presidential politics, US domestic politics and foreign policy, US political history.Dr David Smith is jointly appointed between the United S… more

Tom Switzer

Research Associate and Editor of American Review

Expertise: The US-led campaign against terrorism, US elections and presidential politics, US-Russia relations, US-Australia relations.… more

Cindy Tang

Finance Manager

Phone: +61 2 9034 2638

Cindy has been working in accounting roles for more than five years; she has experience in financial accounting, management accounting and administration duties. Prior to joining the Centre, she worke… more

Dr Rodney Taveira

Lecturer in American Studies

Phone: +61 2 9114 2617

Expertise: American literature, American and European film (silent era to present), US television, comedy in the US, US popular culture, queer and sexuality studiesRodney Taveira joined the United Sta… more

Ashley Townshend

Research Fellow, Alliance 21 Program

Ashley Townshend is a Research Fellow in the Alliance 21 Program. He specialises in international security and strategic affairs with a regional focus on China, Northeast Asia, and the Indo-Pacific re… more

Amelia Trial

Student Affairs Manager

Phone: +61 2 9036 5086

Amelia graduated with a Bachelors degree in History from the University of Connecticut. Before Joining the Centre she worked in a law office in Boston, Massachusetts.… more

Meghan Walters

Office Co-ordinator and Personal Assistant

Phone: +61 2 9351 7249

Meghan manages the US Studies Centre office resources and provides personal assistance to the CEO and COO. Meghan previously held positions in the recruitment and law industries and has recently retur… more

Harriet Whyte

Program Associate, Future Cities Collaborative

Harriet is a recent graduate from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of International and Global Studies (Honours) degree. Harriet has a keen interest in urban policy development, and is focused… more


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Gorana Grgic

US to deploy 100 special forces to Iraq

Lecturer Gorana Grgic discusses the deployment of 100 US special operations troops to Iraq on Sky News.

Tom Switzer

Breaking down Obama's speech on terrorism

Research associate Tom Switzer discusses President Obama's speech on terrorism on Bloomberg TV.

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