Against complacency: Risks and opportunities for the Australia-US alliance

19 October 2016

Leaders on both sides of the Pacific must address the looming risks to the Australia-US alliance and seize new opportunities to develop the relationship, according to this United States Studies Centre report. Read report

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Women at work: Australia and the United States

5 October 2016

Australia has caught up to — and on some measures surpassed — the United States in female labour force participation and in relation to women's representation in senior and strategic organisational roles, according to a new report released by the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney. Read report

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Growing the Australian Innovation Economy

8 September 2016

The USSC's Future Cities Collaborative is pleased to announce the launch of its latest report, Growing the Australian innovation economy, produced in partnership with AECOM. The report is a culmination of the learnings from the United States-Australia City Exchange on Innovation Ecosystems conducted in May, which took Australian city-shapers to San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, New York, and Philadelphia to examine emerging and established innovation ecosystems and economies. Read online

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Dow Sustainability Program: Final Report

1 September 2016

The United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, with the support of the Dow Chemical Company, has released the final report from the Dow Sustainability Program. The report draws together the outcomes of this six-year program in five main areas: alternative transport fuels, soil carbon and soil security, sustainable management of surface and groundwater, the water/energy nexus in a carbon-constrained world, and the urban environment. Read report

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Australia, India and the United States: The Challenge of Forging New Alignments in the Indo-Pacific

25 August 2016

Australia should lead in creating a strong partnership with India that complements our core alliance with the United States, according to a new report written by David Brewster for the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney. Read report

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Australasian Journal of American Studies | Volume 35 Number 1

15 July 2016

This special issue of the Australasian Journal of American Studies, edited by the Centre's Rodney Taveira and Aaron Nyerges, arose out of a conference held at the US Studies Centre in June 2015 on “The State and US Culture Industries.”

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The Dynamics of US-China-Southeast Asia Relations

22 June 2016

This new US Studies Centre report by Dr Bates Gill, Dr Evelyn Goh and Dr Chin-Hao Huang provides an in-depth assessment of the emerging and increasingly competitive strategic dynamic amongst the United States, China and Southeast Asia, and provides recommendations for the incoming US administration and Congress. This study builds on earlier research released by the USSC and is the culmination of the two-year project, Emerging US Security Partnerships in Southeast Asia, funded by the MacArthur Foundation. Read report

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Firing Line: Australia's Path to War

20 June 2016

The United States Studies Centre's James Brown is the author of Quarterly Essay 62, looking to history, strategy and his own experience to explore these questions. He examines the legacy of the Iraq War and argues that it has prevented a clear view of Australia’s future conflicts. He looks at how we plug into US military strategy, now that American troops are based in Darwin. And he examines the extraordinary concentration of war powers in the hands of the Prime Minister – and how this might go wrong. Read essay

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The Asian Research Network: Survey on America's role in the Asia-Pacific

8 June 2016

This landmark report by the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney analyses the data of an extensive five-country survey on attitudes towards America, China, Australia, and other major regional actors in the Asia-Pacific. The report reveals a complex picture of public attitudes in Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, and South Korea on issues of trade, the US-China relationship, the likelihood of conflict in the region, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and how each country views its neighbours. Read report

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‘If we had more like her we would no longer be the unheard majority’: Germaine Greer’s reception in the United States

3 June 2016

This article by Centre lecturer Dr Rebecca Sheehan published in Australian Feminist Studies examines Germaine Greer’s reception in the United States in 1971, the year that The Female Eunuch was first published there. Using hundreds of previously unexamined letters sent by television viewers after she hosted The Dick Cavett Show, the article explores the impact of Greer’s media engagement and the overwhelmingly positive reception she received from this particular audience. Link to article

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