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As a student of the United States Studies Centre you will gain an international and objective perspective on where the United States has been, what it is currently doing and where it is going in the 21st century. Our students critically analyse American politics, foreign policy, business, law, media, culture and society and have unprecedented access to academic and professional networks with distinguished scholars, policy makers, and business leaders through the Centre's many events and research. We have opportunities for undergraduate, postgraduate and research students, including our world-class study abroad programs.

Our students, from Australia and around the world, are well-suited for a wide variety of careers in government, business, media, and education, drawing upon the breadth and depth of their knowledge on the US and its global role.


Are you interested in one of our subjects but don't wish to enrol in a whole degree? Are you considering a Master's degree, but would like to "try before you buy"? If so, you may wish to enrol in one of our units as a non-award program. It is easy. Pick any unit and follow the following relevant link:

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