28 July

Don't isolate Russia

The American Conservative


The conventional wisdom in the West blames the turmoil in Eastern Europe on Vladimir Putin’s goal to recreate the former Soviet Empire. Research associate Tom Switzer says disasters like MH17 could recur if Washington can't understand Russia's interests.


11 & 12 August 

LA and Washington DC Placement Programs

University of Sydney & University of WA

Washington DC Placement Program

The Washington DC and Los Angeles Placement Programs offer an unrivalled opportunity for students to gain international experience while earning 18 credit points towards a University of Sydney Business School degree.

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24 July

When peace seemed possible

ABC Radio PM

James Fallows

Could relations between Israel and the Arab Middle East regain the optimism surrounding the Carter-era Camp David accords? Visiting professor James Fallows, who was a staffer in the Carter White House, compares the prospects for peace during the 1970s with today.


31 August 

Appease Putin

Festival of Dangerous Ideas

Appease Putin

Does the US have any choice but to accomodate Russian President Vladimir Putin's expansionist action in the Crimean peninsula? Research associate Tom Switzer will debate this question with author and journalist Masha Gessen.

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David Smith

MH17, Gaza, and immigration

Lecturer David Smith looks at the latest news from Ukraine, Israel, and the commonalities between Australia's asylum seeker politics and the current US border crisis.

Tom Switzer

Russia under pressure over MH17

Associate professor Brendon O'Connor says Russia is under great pressure to permit international access to the crash site of MH17, but it might find it difficult to exert control over rebel forces in Ukraine. Can the Obama adminstration respond rise to meet the foreign policy challenge?

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