15 September

What can destroy ISIS's grip in the Middle East?



The international response to the Islamic State will be a complex US-led process that could take years to unfold. Lecturer Malcolm Jorgensen discusses the current crisis saying the West must partner with regional players to re-establish political authority in northern Iraq and Syria.


18 - 20 September 

New Orleans as Subject: Beyond Authenticity and Exceptionalism

Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans

An international conference bringing together leading scholars to question what lies beyond New Orleans’ exceptional history and authentic culture, organised by lecturer Thomas Adams and featuring a presentation from lecturer Aaron Nyerges.

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15 September

Abbott commits to Islamic State fight

ABC News Radio


Research associate Tom Switzer discusses the fallout from Tony Abbott's decision to join American troops in the fight against ISIS, saying the conflict could necessitate to a longer engagement in the region for the international coalition involved.


29 September - 1 October

Film Screenings: A Eugene Jarecki Retrospective

Docos for Politicos series


Eugene Jarecki is one of only two people to have twice won the Sundance Grand Jury prize for documentary film. Watch his award-winning documentaries on Kissinger, Reagan and the modern history of America at war as part of the Docos for Politicos film series.

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Bradford Smith

Greater need than ever for philanthropy

Global philanthropy faced challenges as it weathered the storm of the global financial crisis, but as Centre guest Bradford Smith from the Foundation Center explains, chartiable giving and investing is stronger than ever.

Bates Gill

China–US relations strained by jet encounter

CEO Bates Gill discusses the growing rift between China and the US sparked by a close encounter between American surveillance planes and Chinese fighter jets over the South China Sea.

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