16 April

Obama's visit to Asia

Media breifing podcast


Experts from the United States Studies Centre will provided a briefing to media representatives on the forthcoming visit to Asia by US President Barack Obama and other aspects of US–Asian relations.


23 April

Follies and Fiascoes: US Foreign Policy

Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel


Robert and Renee Belfer professor of international affairs Stephen M. Walt will discsuss the disappointing and often costly failures of US foreign policy and the recurring weaknesses they reveal in America's approach to foreign affairs.

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15 April

Wither the Tea Party

US News & World Report

Nicole Hemmer

Happy birthday to the Tea Party! Five years after "Tax Day" protests brought together the movement's disparate parts, research associate Nicole Hemmer checks for a pulse.


29 April

Transit-Oriented Development

Future Cities Collaborative


The Future Cities Collaborative welcomes Californian urban development expert, Michael Dieden to Centre on 29 April to discuss the transformation of cities into connected communities that are sustainable, liveable and public transport friendly.

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Barack Obama preparing for Asia tour

Gordon Flake, founding CEO of the Centre's sister institution, the Perth USAsia Centre, discusses what the President will be seeking to achieve on his upcoming visit to Asia.


Generating renewable energy

Chief executive of the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Centre guest Dan Arvizu discusses the future of renewable transportation fuels and the new push for energy productivity.

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