22 April

All eyes on Obama in Asia

ABC TV Breakfast


Obama's week-long trip to Asia will be watched closely by countries around the region, especially China. Centre CEO Bates Gill discusses what to expect from the visit and it's importance in the larger context of the pivot to the region.


29 April

Transit-Oriented Development

Future Cities Collaborative


The Future Cities Collaborative welcomes Californian urban development expert, Michael Dieden to Centre on 29 April to discuss the transformation of cities into connected communities that are sustainable, liveable and public transport friendly.

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21 April

Focusing America's attention on Asia

The New York Times

Carol Giacomo

With Obama in Asia this week, America's allies will be looking for answers from the Preisdent about the state of the pivot. New York Times editorial board member and Centre guest Carol Giacomo says the region deserves the attention.


2–3 June 

Behavioural Exchange 2014

International Behavioural Insights Conference


The world’s first global behavioural insights conference will bring expert academics and practitioners from around the world to Sydney.

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Linda Jakobson

Defence and trade focuses of Obama trip

Barack Obama's visit to Asia will be an important diplomatic effort to advance trade negotiations and calm allies in the region over territorial disputes with China. Visiting professor Linda Jakobson looks at the substance behind the trip.

Brendon O'Connor

Obama treading the tightrope in Asia

Associate professor Brendon O'Connor looks at how Obama is likely to navigate the balance between reassuring allies and placating China in the presidential trip to Asia.

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