15 October

An immoral law gets nixed

US News & World Report

Voting Laws

A district judge has struck down a Texas voter-ID law struck down that she said unfairly targeted minorities. Research associate Nicole Hemmer says the decision shows it's time for America to adopt a national voting rights act.


28 October

US Trivia Night

Manning Bar, University of Sydney


Think you know America? With questions on everything from politics to pop culture and history to Hollywood, get your friends together and take on the US trivia challenge for your chance to win a $100 bar tab and other great prizes! Register a team now for a free jug of beer!

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13 October

Policy of isolating Russia a mistake

2GB Money News with Ross Greenwood


Strong language has been used by leaders against Russia from around the world including Tony Abbott and Barack Obama following incursions in Ukraine and the MH17 incident. But research associate Tom Switzer says that banning Putin from the G20 meetings would be a mistake.


29 October

TV Nation: What The Wire, House of Cards, and Girls can teach us about America

Institute Building, University of Sydney

House of Cards

Most of us switch the TV on to switch off, but both TV and its viewers are capable of serious commentary. Join an expert panel of economists, television critics and media scholars to discuss what TV says about the United States.

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Richard Samuels

Importance of the US-Japan relationship

Ford International Professor of Political Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Richard Samuels discusses Japan's foreign policy and its role in securing East Asian stability and its relationship with China and the US. He begins by discussing the importance of Japan to both China and the US.

Malcolm Jorgensen

US welcomes Australian involvement in Iraq

America has welcomed Australia's involvement in the fight against Islamic State but how long will this conflict last? Lecturer Malcolm Jorgensen discusses the military strategy in the region and what success might look like.

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