18 July

US immigrant crackdown: We've seen this before

ABC The Drum

David Smith

How did the US get to the point where a progressive president proposes deporting children as a solution to a humanitarian crisis? Lecturer David Smith says the answer may be found in Australia's recent history.


24–25 July 

Pop West: A symposium

University of Western Australia

Pop West

The Pop West symposium will host a series of panel papers and lectures on the issue of how political geographies are mediated by the popular imagination. The symposium offers a special triangulation of Australian, Chinese and American wests, suggesting that the west is a migrating geographic and cultural concept.

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16 July

America, Britain, history, and wine

ABC Classic FM

Kathleen Burk

At the beginning of the 20th century, the United Kingdom was a superpower and the United States a non-servile dependent, but by 1950, the two nations' positions had reversed. Centre visitor Kathleen Burk discusses the historical ties between America and Great Britain, encompasing cooperation and conflict.


31 August 

Appease Putin

Festival of Dangerous Ideas

Appease Putin

Does the US have any choice but to accomodate Russian President Vladimir Putin's expansionist action in the Crimean peninsula? Research associate Tom Switzer will debate this question with author and journalist Masha Gessen.

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Tom Switzer

Administration responds cautiously to Malaysia Airlines attack

High profile US politicians are already blaming Russian separatists for the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine. Research associate Tom Switzer says the Obama administration has rightly been cautious in its response at this early stage.

Kathleen Burk

How "special" is the US–UK relationship?

Centre guest Kathleen Burk, the professor emerita of modern and contemporary history at University College London, discusses the shared history of the United States and the United Kingdom, beginning by considering whether the relationship should be considered a special one.

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