27 May

Fool's gold

US News & World Report

Ben Carson

Don't buy the spin that 2016 straw polls have any meaning, says research associate Nicole Hemmer. Ben Carson's most recent win in the South offers little insight into the state of the race or his suitability for President.


28 May

US Ambassador's Innovation Roundtable

Holme Building, Science Road, University of Sydney


In partnership with Vivid Ideas Festival, the Centre will host the United States Embassy’s Ambassador’s Innovation Roundtable tto discuss challenges in linking research and development to commercial opportunities and explore the potential of future innovation partnerships through a series of panel discussions.

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25 May

The radical underpinnings of Devo

FBi Radio

Bates Gill

Formed in the shadow of the Kent State University shootings in 1970, Devo took an unorthodox approach that has inspired countless musicians since. Lecturer Rebecca Sheehan looks at the history of the band.


25 June

Soil, Big Data and the Future of Agriculture


Soil, Big Data and the Future of Agriculture

This conference draws together the world’s commercial and scientific leaders in agriculture, soil science, and soil conservation to discuss how technological advancements can enable a sustainable intensification of food production to meet the needs of a growing middle class.

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Iris Bohnet

Do targets work to reduce gender inequality?

Gender bias against women in the workplace hasn't gone away despite decades of laws aimed at improving equal pay and opportunities. Visiting professor Iris Bohnet discusses how we can address unconcious bias in hiring and promotion.

Susan Pond

A bright future for alternative fuels

In the lead-up to the Centre's Low Carbon Transport On The Move conference, adjunct professor in sustainability Susan Pond discussed the promise of renewable energy in Australia.


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