25 September

How California shames Australian energy policy

The Canberra Times

Tony Haymer

Last week, the community of San Diego set records for electricity consumption, yet none of the heatwave-induced demand was supplied through coal-generated power. Visiting scholar Tony Haymet explains how California offers Australia a way forward on climate change.


29 September - 1 October

Film Screenings: A Eugene Jarecki Retrospective

Docos for Politicos series


Eugene Jarecki is one of only two people to have twice won the Sundance Grand Jury prize for documentary film. Watch his award-winning documentaries on Kissinger, Reagan and the modern history of America at war as part of the Docos for Politicos film series.

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22 September

We can oppose intervention, even if left and right agree

The Australian

Tom Switzer

Research associate Tom Switzer has found himself out of step with prevailing conservative opinion on the wisdom of the US-led mission against the Islamic State terrorist group. In this piece, he explains why he opposes the intervention.


16 - 17 November

International Dialogue on Women in Leadership

G-20 Summit, Brisbane

Women in Leadership

Closely linked to the G-20, the International Dialogue on Women in Leadership will bring together world leaders from government, business, and academia to consider ways to encourage and promote women’s leadership in the global economy.

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Wu Xinbo

The future of US-China relations

Director of the Center for American Studies at Fudan University Wu Xinbo discusses the benefits of studying the US from a Chinese perspective, provides tips for travelling to China and analyses Australia's place in the region.

Brendon O'Connor

Australia, the US, and the War on Terror

With Australia raising its terror alert level to high and Obama announcing a plan of action in the Middle East, debates about the alliance and its role in the War on Terror are re-emerging. Associate professor Brendon O'Connor joins an expert panel to discuss the next steps in Iraq and Syria.

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