2 May

Luminous cities and night lighting design

ABC Radio National Blueprint for Living

Leni Schwendinger

The way we light our houses has the attention of designers and architects, but what about the way we light the exterior of our cities? Future Cities Collaborative Leni Schwendinger looks at how local councils in Sydney can rethink the way they light their suburbs.


25 June

Soil, Big Data and the Future of Agriculture


Soil, Big Data and the Future of Agriculture

This conference draws together the world’s commercial and scientific leaders in agriculture, soil science, and soil conservation to discuss how technological advancements can enable a sustainable intensification of food production to meet the needs of a growing middle class.

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1 May

ANZUS pact teetered over Nixon contempt for Whitlam

The Australian


At the midpoint of Gough Whitlam’s 1970s Labor government, Australia came perilously close to losing the security alliance with the US. Research associate James Curran explores the rift between the two countries' leaders in a new book, Unholy Fury: Whitlam and Nixon at War.


1 - 16 May

Grounded: a play by George Brant

Seymour Centre


The Centre, in collaboration with Red Stitch presents Grounded at the Seymour Centre, a play nominated for five Victorian Green Room awards (including best theatre of 2014). It was also nominated by the Guardian and the London Standard as one of the top 10 plays of 2013.

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Three minutes with George Takei

What do Moreton Bay Bugs and Hillary Clinton have in common? We found out when we spoke to George Takei about his life, what he wish he'd studied at university, and his thoughts on US politics.


Troops in Iraq, and US campaign under way

Former US ambassador to Australia and visiting professor Jeffrey Bleich discusses the latest in US politics, including the ongoing fight against IS in the Middle East and the current US presidential field.


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