21 August 

Is Donald Trump part of a global phenomenon?

ABC Radio National Between the Lines


Is Donald Trump a symptom of a wider problem in the United States? Research associate Tom Switzer speaks with former Republican presidential candidate Pat Buchanan, who also rode a wave of populist support two decades ago.


25 August

US-China Relations: What's ahead for Australia?

Law School Foyer, Eastern Avenue, University of Sydney


Relations between the United States and China seem particularly tense today as China grows more powerful and Washington aims to strengthen its presence in the Asia-Pacific region. Centre CEO Bates Gill joins China Studies Centre director Kerry Brown to discuss what's ahead for the region and what it means for Australia.

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20 August

The engine of human existence

The Land


Soil is vital to solving a slew of big issues for the globe, from food security to biodiversity. Director of the Centre's Soil Carbon Initiative Andrea Koch explains it's "the engine room of human existence."


Semester 1, 2016

Enrol for the Master of United States Studies

United States Studies Centre

US Studies Centre

Whether your background is in the humanities, business, education, or law, the Master of United States Studies will propel your career through international experience and education.

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Dennis Fotinos

Building greener cities

Future Cities Collaborative guest and CEO and president of Enwave Corporation Dennis Fotinos discusses district planning and the role of state and federal government in building greener cities.

Malcolm Jorgensen

Trump narrative remains popular

Lecturer Malcolm Jorgensen looks at the popularity of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and why he poses a real problem for the GOP.

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