Visiting Scholar Fellowships

The US Studies Centre invites leading scholars to pursue projects that align with and further the research agendas of its Faculty. Stipends are available for periods of a few weeks to a few months, depending on the scope of the projects undertaken. Below is a list of Faculty and their areas of research.

  • Thomas Adams
    Race, gender, and economic inequality in the US; US domestic and electoral politics; social movements; labour and economics; constitutional law and the Supreme Court; American cities; New Orleans and the US South; immigration and Latin America
  • Sarah Graham
    US relations with India, Pakistan and the South Asia region, US foreign policy and defence issues in Asia, Australasia and the Middle East, US political debates around foreign policy and defense, e.g. drone warfare, and American transnational issues, eg. crime, terrorism
  • Gorana Grgic
    US domestic politics and foreign policy, US-Russia relations, foreign intervention in conflicts, transatlantic relations, ethnic conflicts and conflict resolution
  • Simon Jackman
    US and Australian elections, public opinion, election campaigns and political participation 
  • Aaron Nyerges
    American literature and film, global modernism and modernity, popular culture and celebrity, critical theory, regionalism
  • Brendon O'Connor
    US presidential and congressional elections, US domestic politics and foreign policy, US political history, American-Australian relations, cultural politics in the US
  • Rebecca Sheehan
    US women’s history, feminist history, history of gender and sexuality, history of social movements in the US, cultural politics including race, gender, religion and sexuality
  • David Smith
    Religion in the United States, US elections and presidential politics, US domestic politics and foreign policy, US political history
  • Rodney Taveira
    American literature, American and European film (silent era to present), US television, comedy in the US, US popular culture, queer and sexuality studies


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Past Fellows

Since 2013 the US Studies Centre has hosted more than 20 visiting fellows.



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