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The many faces of Labelle

14 April 2014

FBi Radio

In her regular music segment Without, lecturer Rebecca Sheehan discusses the landmark career of Labelle, a group whose career traversed three decades and the genres of doo-wop, funk, rock, soul and disco.  Listen online

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Sea pollution wasting MH370 searchers' time

11 April 2014

Adelaide Radio FiveAA

Searchers looking for the wreckage from Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 are being constantly waylaid by garbage strewn thoughout the world's oceans. Visiting scholar Tony Haymet discusses his research into the problem, including one particular patch off the shores of Hawaii. Listen online

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How garbage is making the search for MH370 tougher

11 April 2014

ABC NewsRadio

It isn't clear how much refuse is in the world's oceans, but tiny pieces of garbage are widespread throughout the seas, says visiting scholar Tony Haymet. The problem affects wildlife on a day-to-day basis, and is complicating the search for missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370, but there's no known solution. Listen online

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Damning report on CIA torture techniques leaked

11 April 2014

ABC Radio PM

Associate professor Brendon O'Connor discusses the leaked US Senate report looking into CIA torture techniques during the War on Terror, saying the damning report confirms many of our worst suspicions about facilities such as Guantanamo Bay. Listen online

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Searching for MH370 survivors made harder because of sea pollution

11 April 2014

The Sydney Morning Herald

The search for the wreckage of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 has been made even more difficult by the huge amount of refuse floating in the Indian Ocean. Visiting scholar Tony Haymet, of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, describes the extent of the problem of sea pollution. Read article

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A new Cold War?

11 April 2014

2SER Friday Daily

With China and Brazil emerging as new world powers, do the US and EU still have the diplomatic clout to manage standoffs such as the one between Russia and the Ukraine? Honourary professor Edward Blakely discusses the new limits of US power. Listen online

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Don Draper and American masculinity

11 April 2014

The Conversation

Lecturer Rodney Taveira goes looking for the men in Mad Men, as the acclaimed AMC drama returns to screens for its final season. What does the show and its inscrutable leading man have to say about American masculinity? Read article

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US lessons for Western Sydney transport

10 April 2014

ABC Local Radio Sydney Mornings

Honorary professor Edward Blakely joins the minister assisting the Premier on Western Sydney Stuart Ayres to discuss how we can learn lessons from the US to rethink transportation across the city. Listen online

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Jeb Bush, the new compassionate conservative

8 April 2014

US News & World Report

Former governor of Florida Jeb Bush recently argued that undocumented immigrants deserve leniency and compassion, even though they have broken the law. Research associate Nicole Hemmer says that this might mark the return of compassionate conservatism to US politics. Read article

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Is China a threat to peace in Asia?

8 April 2014

ABC Radio National Big Ideas

China's defence budget and territorial claims are unsettling its Asian neighbours and increasing tension with its strategic rival, the United States. Research associate Tom Switzer joins an expert panel to discuess whether China's rise as an economic superpower continue to be peaceful or proceed more aggressively. Listen online

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