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TPP trade reps meet in Hawaii

28 July 2015

ABC Radio National Breakfast

Are trade representatives on the brink of putting together a pact that will cover 40 per cent of the world's population. Alliance 21 director James Brown explains why negotiators want to get a deal done before the US presidential election grows any closer. Listen online

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Could Donald Trump be the next president?

27 July 2015

ABC Triple J Hack

He's offended Mexicans, war heroes, and the political party he's trying to run for, but Donald Trump is the most popular Republican running for president. Lecturer David Smith explains why notoriety is boosting Trump in the polls. Listen online

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How long can Trump last?

27 July 2015


Real estate tycoon Donald Trump's campaign for the Republican presidential nomination has gone from strength to strength. Lecturer David Smith considers how long Trump can maintain his popularity. Listen online

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The "urgent" plan to dramatically beef up Australia’s navy

26 July 2015

The Australian Government’s 2015 Defence White Paper, due out in August, looks likely to focus on a beefed-up Navy and RAAF. Alliance 21 director James Brown says the US military has grown more concerned about China’s activities and Australia must plan for China’s rise in both the best and worst case scenarios. Read article

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The spectre of Iraq haunts Republicans

24 July 2015

Australian Institute of International Affairs

Polls show a clear majority of the American people say the US invasion of Iraq was not worth it. Research associate Tom Switzer explains why Republican policy on the war nonetheless remains fixed in 2002. Read article

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Trump’s bid for the White House gaining support

23 July 2015

The New Daily

Donald Turmp is an entertaining presence on the campaign trail, but does he have a shot at the White House? Lecturer Malcolm Jorgensen explains why Donald Trump might have jumped the shark. Read article

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As GOP kicks Obama on Iran, he's in good company

23 July 2015

The Australian

How will Barack Obama's agreement with Iran on nuclear weapons stand up to history? Research associate Tom Switzer is quoted in a collection of takes on diplomatic deals, past and present. Read article

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The legacy of Barack Obama

22 July 2015

ABC Local Radio Sydney

Lecturer David Smith and research associate John Barron look back on the successes and failures of the Obama adminstration as the 44th president enters the final stretch of his second term. Listen online

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Return to Havana

21 July 2015

ABC Local Radio Sydney Evenings

The United States is re-opening its embassy in Cuba after more than fifty years. Lecturer Malcolm Jorgensen looks at the two nations' defrosting relationship. Listen online

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The dream never came true

21 July 2015

US News & World Report

Ta-Nehisi Coates's Between the World and Me is vital reading at this moment in America, writes research associate Nicole Hemmer. Read article

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Michael J. Green on ANZUS Alliance report

Michael J. Green of the Centre for International and Strategic Studies, who has co-authored a report on the ANZUS Alliance in an Ascending Asia, says Australia and the United States must work together to best respond to China's rise. The report was launched at the US Studies Centre.


Australia–US Free Trade Agreement ten year anniversary conference

Watch full video of the sessions from the Centre's conference marking ten years of the US–Australia Free Trade Agreement.

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