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How the right remembered Gough Whitlam

21 October 2014

The Sydney Morning Herald

Conservative commenters have not been reluctant to criticise former Australian prime minister Gough Whitlam in the wake of his death. Research associate Tom Switzer, however, said Whitlam deserves praise for his overtures to China, which preceded Richard Nixon's historic visit. Read article

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Putin-baiting may be understandable, but antagonising Moscow reflects poor statesmanship

20 October 2014

The Australian

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott's tough talk in response to Vladimir Putin reflects public sentiment. But research associate Tom Switzer says banning Russia's president from the G20 would be counterproductive to the West's interests. Read article

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An epistemology of media bias

17 October 2014

Society for US Intellectual History

In 2010, libertarian writer Julian Sanchez said movement conservatives had fallen victim to a system of "epistemic closure." Research associate Nicole Hemmer explores why the roots of this malady might lie in the conservative media of the 1950s and '60s. Read article

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Is the cost of our symbolism worth it?

17 October 2014

ABC The Drum

Visiting scholar Adam Lockyer argues that any contribution Australia makes to US fight against the Islamic State terror group is largely symbolic. As such, Australians should consider whether the risk of being involved is worth the symbolism. Read article

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Iraq, Ebola, and responding to Russia.

16 October 2014

ABC TV The Drum

Research associate Tom Switzer joins an expert panel to discuss the latest on the war in Iraq, the fight against Ebola and the recent war of words between the leaders of Australia and Russia. Listen online

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Mighty mop-up

15 October 2014

The Liverpool Leader

Honorary professor Edward Blakely was once the leader of the recovery effort after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005. Now he's using his expertise to advise the Sydney suburb of Liverpool on rejvenating its urban amenities as part of the Centre's Future Cities program. Read article

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An immoral law gets nixed

15 October 2014

US News & World Report

A district judge has struck down a Texas voter-ID law struck down that she said unfairly targeted minorities. Research associate Nicole Hemmer says the decision shows it's time for America to adopt a national voting rights act. Read article

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Policy of isolating Russia a mistake

13 October 2014

2GB Money News with Ross Greenwood

Strong language has been used by leaders against Russia from around the world including Tony Abbott and Barack Obama following incursions in Ukraine and the MH17 incident. But research associate Tom Switzer says that banning Putin from the G20 meetings would be a mistake. Listen online

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Lessons from US urban renewal

10 October 2014

2SER Friday Daily

As part of the 2014 Future Cities Program, honorary professor Edward Blakely led a group of mayors and senior staff from six Sydney councils through major urban centres in the US. He reports back on the some of the key lessons learnt. Listen online

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Defence and foreign policy

9 October 2014

ABC Radio National Late Night Live

Should our defence policy be directed to the overall global security or should we be focussing on our immediate region? Visiting scholar Adam Lockyer joins an expert panel to discuss our foreign policy and how the ANZUS treaty impacts our international role. Listen online

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Richard Samuels

Importance of the US-Japan relationship

Ford International Professor of Political Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Richard Samuels discusses Japan's foreign policy and its role in securing East Asian stability and its relationship with China and the US. He begins by discussing the importance of Japan to both China and the US.

Malcolm Jorgensen

US welcomes Australian involvement in Iraq

America has welcomed Australia's involvement in the fight against Islamic State but how long will this conflict last? Lecturer Malcolm Jorgensen discusses the military strategy in the region and what success might look like.

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