Coming from another university

You don’t necessarily need to be at the University of Sydney to study at the United States Studies Centre. We have a broad range of programs that make studying with us even easier than before!

Study across universities

Cross-institutional study

You can apply to study one or two units of study at the United States Studies Centre, (even if you are not enrolled at the University of Sydney) and have it count towards your degree. All you need to do is apply through your University, and through the following link:

Study for interest

Non-award course

You can also study units at the United States Studies Centre through our Postgraduate Non-Award course. These can be used for stand-alone professional development, personal interest, or can count towards credit for a postgraduate degree at a later point.

Study to become an expert

Master of United States Studies

The Master of United States Studies is our premier Master’s program that allows you to pursue studies in politics, foreign policy and culture in the context of the United States and the world. The University of Sydney is now ranked 1st in Australia, and 26th in the world for Political and International Studies, which means there has never been a better time to globalise your experience with a Master’s.

This flexible program allows you to bolster your professional portfolio with units in Media and Communications, Government and International Relations, International Security, and International Business. Students enrolled in this program have access to exclusive internship and study abroad opportunities in Australia and abroad. These include places in the US Congress, the Australian media and the American Chamber of Commerce.

Our graduates work in a diverse range of organisations, including the Sydney Morning Herald, the Department of the Senate, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, the US Senate, or the ABC.

Most importantly, if you have completed an undergraduate American Studies major, you will automatically have one semester recognised as credit. If you have completed relevant undergraduate units in history, politics or cultural studies, you may also be eligible for credit.

Study in your spare time

Winter School Programs

If you are interested in a single unit from the United States Studies Centre, you can do an intensive unit with us during the holiday. For Winter 2017, the following units are available:

  • USSC6902, US Politics: Presidency and Congress
    Ever wanted to understand exactly how U.S. politics works? What is Gerrymandering? What is a FiIibuster? Are they some sort of household appliance? This unit of study answers these questions with an investigation of what exactly constitutes Congress, the Presidency and the relationship between the two. This interweaves pertinent issues of race, inequality and law and order to distill a mind-bogglingly complex narrative into a palatable one for Australian audiences.
  • USSC 6920, US Media: Politics, Culture, Technology
    With new-media, the importance of technology on elections cannot be understated. From John Stewart to Kristen Stewart how does media and technology shape the discourses around politics, campaigning and political journalism?


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