Future Cities Collaborative

The Future Cities Collaborative was developed by the United States Studies Centre. Its primary role is to promote sustainable urban development by supporting city leaders with leadership and strategic management tools, creating a forum in which mayors can share ideas and information and develop skills and knowledge to build sustainable cities.

The efforts of the Future Cities Collaborative began in 2013, when the USSC invited local communities in New South Wales to participate in the Future Cities Program, an annual program based on the Mayors’ Institute on City Design conducted in the United States. The Future Cities Program brings city leaders and urban development experts together to create innovative and sustainable urban precincts.

Future City Program alumni are invited to join the Future Cities Collaborative which provides:

  • support for the implementation of strategic urban policy devised during the Future Cities Program;
  • facilitates the continued capacity building of program participants; and 
  • creates a mechanism to support the transfer of learning to other elected leaders and senior officers within the city. 

The Future Cities Collaborative works with communities of all sizes as they change their planning and urban development templates to recognise the need to create more interesting, liveable, resilient, innovative and sustainable environments in which people can live, work and play.

Other achievements of the Future Cities Collaborative include:

  • a policy communiqué on housing affordability; 
  • an international city exchange on finance mechanisms; and
  • the Funding Australia’s Future report.

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