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Academics attending the inaugural United States Studies Centre Summit in 2007 urged the Centre to establish a directory of academics and graduate students in Australia (and beyond) with a research interest in the United States.

The directory encompasses disciplines related to politics and foreign policy, business and law, media and cultural studies and includes those academics and students who have provided their details to the Centre for the purposes of networking with others.

There are no costs associated with joining this directory. Your details and research interests will be included in a list that will be available from the US Studies Centre website. This list will enable you to search for colleagues across the nation with similar teaching and research interests.

For further information about the Academic Directory, contact:

Associate Professor Brendon O'Connor
Director of Teaching and Learning
T: +61 2 9036 9206

To provide an update to your listing please email details to Brendon O'connor at


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Bates Gill

China–US relations strained by jet encounter

CEO Bates Gill discusses the growing rift between China and the US sparked by a close encounter between American surveillance planes and Chinese fighter jets over the South China Sea.

Russell Trood

US marines in Australia spark debate

With the latest AUSMIN talks cementing an agreement to base 2,500 US marines in Darwin by 2017, Australia's north has become the focus of a debate around defence spending and priorities. Adjunct professor with the Centre's Defence and Security Program Russell Trood joins an expert panel to discuss the issue.

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