Dr Marc Palen

Lecturer at Tufts University, Massachusetts

Marc-William Palen was a postdoctoral fellow at the US Studies Centre in 2011 and a research associate from 2012 to 2015.

He received his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin. During his time at the United States Studies Centre, he revised his book manuscript, The Conspiracy of Free Trade, for publication. Palen holds an MA in History and a BA in Classics from the University of Texas at Austin and was previously the Marc Friedlaender Fellow at the Massachusetts Historical Society, a Research Fellow at the New York Public Library, a History Departmental Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin, a Doctoral Fellow of the Canadian Embassy, and a Churchill Scholar of British Studies.

Palen's research and teaching interests include the history of US foreign relations, globalisation, the British Empire, and the intersection of ideology and policymaking. His current project examines the conflicting history of American cosmopolitanism and economic nationalism and their effects upon Anglo-American imperialism and the history of globalisation in the mid to late nineteenth century. He contributes regularly to Foreign Policy in Focus, Not Even Past, H-CivWar, H-SHGAPE, and he has been featured in H-Diplo. His articles and review publications have appeared or are set to appear in Diplomatic History, the Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, the Journal of the Civil War Era, Civil War History, International History Review, Britain and the World, History News Network, and Southern Historian, among others.