Leah Farrall

Research Associate in Counter Terrorism

Dr Leah Farrall was a Research Associate in Counter Terrorism at the US Studies Centre. She was a speaker at the US Studies Centre's National Summit in June 2011

Farrall is a former senior Counter Terrorism Intelligence Analyst with the Australian Federal Police (AFP). During her time with the AFP, she served as the organisation's al Qaeda specialist and worked on a range of international and domestic counter terrorism investigations. She was also the Senior Intelligence Analyst in the AFP's Jakarta Regional Cooperation Team in Indonesia and the Forward Operating Post after the second Bali bombings.

Farrall is currently a Senior Lecturer in Security Studies at Massey University in New Zealand.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Government, a Master of International Relations and Asian Politics from the University of Queensland, and a PhD in Politics from Monash University. Her doctorate focused on the organisational, doctrinal and ideological evolution of al-Qaeda, which also drew in an extensive comparison study of competitor groups to the organisation.

Farrall joined Massey following two and a half years in Egypt carrying out academic fieldwork.

She has also worked in private industry in Hong Kong, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Farrall also taught at the University of Queensland prior to joining the AFP.

Her work has been published in a number of leading international publications including Foreign Affairs and Foreign Policy. She is the co-author of The Arabs at War in Afghanistan to be released in July 2014 by Hurst Publishers in the United Kingdom, and September 2014 by Oxford University Press in North America.