Dr Jane Park

Senior Lecturer in Contemporary American Media

Dr Jane Chi Hyun Park's was previously a visiting fellow at the US Studies Centre. Her research interests include: film and popular media; race, ethnicity and multiculturalism; beauty, aesthetics, and embodiment; Asian diasporic studies; American studies; postcolonial and globalisation studies.

Park earned her PhD in Radio-TV-Film from The University of Texas at Austin and MA in English from the University of California, Irvine. She previously worked in American Studies at the University of Oklahoma. Her research and teaching are concerned with the social uses of media technologies, the cultural impact of minority representations, and transnational flows of film, music, and television.

Park's first book, Yellow Future: Oriental Style in Hollywood Cinema (University of Minnesota, 2010), examines how and why East Asia has come to signify the technologised future in US films and the social implications of this phenomenon, particularly for Asian Americans.

Park is currently looking at the globalisation of Korean popular media (hallyu), focusing on the ways in which media narratives, stars, and styles cross national and cultural borders and are remade for different audiences. The primary research interest that propels all of her work lies in looking at what happens when previously marginalised groups, ideas, and styles become popular in dominant culture. What kinds of stories and identities are lost, found, and created in these processes of movement and (mis)translation?