America's debt ceiling woes continue

22 April 2013

ABC Radio National Counterpoint

The sequester has been on the political back-burner over the past few months but the effects of the spending cuts are only just beginning to be felt. Lecturer Adam Lockyer discusses the latest on the US economy. Listen Online

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Crisis mode for US and Australia

5 March 2013

Sky News Showdown

Both the US and Australian political systems have been under strain over the past few weeks as the sequester has sent America into unknown territory and Julia Gillard's election announcement surprised everyone. Lecturer Adam Lockyer joins an expert panel to dissect the issues. Watch Online

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Sequester takes effect

1 March 2013

ABC News Radio

The sequester was a plan that was never supposed to have been enacted, but after Congress failed to come to a deal that would avoid it, the package of spending cuts has gone into effect. Research associate Luke Freedman explains how we got to this point, and what's to come. Listen online

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Automatic cuts take effect in the US

1 March 2013

ABC Radio PM

It's called the sequester, and it's the biggest crisis to face the United States since the so-called fiscal cliff. With the leaders of both sides working to break the deadlock before the worst of the cuts hit, lecturer David Smith looks at the future of the US economy. Listen Online

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Cuts could endanger US "rebalancing" to Asia

1 March 2013

Associated Press

The package of spending cuts known as the sequester could affect US military activity in the Asia-Pacific, and Congress's failure to agree on a budget has already interfering plans to roll out a new defence strategy in the region. Russell Trood the leader of the Defence and Security theme at the Centre's Alliance 21 told a conference in Washington co-sponsored by the Centre that this "does nothing for America's credibility in the region." Read article

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No silver lining to US budget sequester

28 February 2013

The Conversation

Almost everyone agrees that the sequester is a bad idea. Luke Freedman explains why it might go into effect anyway. Read article

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Sequester threatens US economy

26 February 2013

Sky Business The Perrett Report

On March 1, the across the board budget cuts known as 'the sequester' will come in to effect, with the consequences expected to ripple through the American and world economy. Lecturer Adam Lockyer looks at just how bad the damage could be. Watch Online

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