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Edward Blakely announced as eminent scholar

5 April 2016

Honorary professor Edward Blakely has been announced as an eminent scholar by Texas A&M University in the United States. Read more.

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Centre says G'day USA

1 February 2016

The Centre hosted a number of events with Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop in the United States last week as part of the G’Day USA program. Watch her speech at the Centre for a New American Security (CNAS). Read more.

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'There will be legal challenges' to Obama's gun laws

6 January 2016

Lecturer David Smith on ABC News Radio. Listen online.

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Students say G'Day USA

20 February 2015

United States Studies Centre students have just returned from a two-week tour of the United States, meeting major players in the Australia–US relationship. The trip was part of the inaugural American Insights Tour, held in association with the Australian government's G'Day USA program, which promotes Australian capabilities and interests in the US. Read more

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US Secretary of Defense at Centre roundtable

11 August 2014

On 11 August, the US Studies Centre co-hosted a roundtable discussion in Sydney with US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and Australian Minister for Defence David Johnston as a prelude to this year's AUSMIN consultations between the two allies. Read online

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Robert Hill delivers keynote speech at the 20th World Congress of Soil Science

24 June 2014

The Honourable Robert Hill AC, Adjunct Professor in Sustainability at the US Studies Centre, was a keynote speaker at the 20th World Congress of Soil Science convened by the International Union of Soil Science in Jeju, Korea. He spoke about Securing the World's Soils. Read speech

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Sydney prepares for Major League Baseball's first pitch

17 February 2014

Major League Baseball opens its season in Australia this year, and Sydneysiders readying for game day will have the opportunity to connect with industry professionals and baseball experts thanks to the Australian Baseball League, the United States Studies Centre, and online publication Sports Business Insider. Read more

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Mitt's List

20 November 2012

Barack Obama wasn't the only winner in US presidential election. Three University of Sydney students will fly to Washington DC in January to see the re-elected leader's 2013 inauguration, thanks to competitions run by the  Centre. Read more and watch our interview with the winners

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Winners are grinners

13 November 2012

Re-elected president Barack Obama said it all in what has become the most retweeted message of all time. “Four more years”.

Last Wednesday, over 700 US politics junkies crammed into Manning Bar to watch the results live at the United States Studies Centre’s Election Day Spectacular. The highly Democratic leaning crowd was not disappointed.

Barack Obama ended up with 332 electoral college votes, well above the 270 he required to win, and beat his Republican rival Mitt Romney by nearly 3 percent in the popular vote.

“By all criteria, this was a very impressive performance by Obama and the Democrats,” said research associate at the Centre Tom Switzer on ABC 24’s The World after the result was confirmed. Read more

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US Studies Centre congratulates Bob Carr

2 March 2012

US Studies Centre head Geoffrey Garrett has congratulated member of the Centre’s Board of Directors and former NSW Premier Bob Carr on his appointment as Australia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. Professor Garrett said Mr Carr has made invaluable contributions to the Centre and his deep knowledge of American history, politics and foreign policy will be a great asset in his new role. Read Online

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