Where to next for Republicans?

7 November 2012

ABC Radio PM

Barack Obama's re-election as President of the United States is certainly a momentous occasion but begs the question, whats next? For Republicans and Democrats alike, the nearing fiscal cliff and a divided America offer some serious challenges says associate professor Brendon O'Connor.

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Dr Robyn Dalziell

10:14 PM on Thu 08 November 2012

It's time for conservatives to genuinely engage with the changing demographic of America in 2012 if they are to avoid increasing irrelevance and disconnection from a slowly but surely increasing proportion of its population. I read a few years ago that within 50 years the USA will be comprised of a majority non-white, non-Caucasian population. This result reflects this trend. Conservatism must rediscover its heart and embrace dynamic change over which it has no control, and despite that this is by definition the antithesis of its central philosophy, instead of mouthing token insincere words about representing all Americans. The greatest irony was that Romney campaigned on a promise of "change", and "change of direction" which was patently untrue, and entirely uncharacteristic of Republicans. They must recognise and make the difficult choice between a narrow traditionalist focus, and effective public representation, no matter how painful. The goal of "making Obama a one-term President" has now been removed for Republicans, so a good starting point might be to genuinely start working with him, instead of investing in and promoting the myth that he and his policies exclusively failed. Let's not forget the legacy of George W Bush, and the surplus he inherited from the Democrats under Clinton. Conservatives are not the default best economic managers, not by a long shot. Change is life, so Republicans must immerse themselves. Or die.

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