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Inside the 2016 Presidential Election

2 June 2015

The US Studies Centre, in collaboration with the Australian American Leadership Dialogue, hosted a conversation with two leading political advisors, Democrat Tony Podesta and Republican Barry Jackson. Discussion included the current American political scene, the presidential race, and US engagement in the Indo Pacific.

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Low Carbon Transport on the Move

14 May 2015

The Centre, in partnership with the New South Wales Government, held a conference in Sydney on Low Carbon Transport on 14 May 2015. Convened by adjunct professor in sustainability at the Centre Dr Susan Pond, the conference featured leaders from industry, academia, and government from the USA and Australia.

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Building out the Alternative Aviation Fuel Industry in the USA, State by State

13 May 2015

A roundtable on Alternative Aviation Fuels sponsored by the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney. The panel included Richard Altman, Executive Director Emeritus, Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative; Jim Lane, Editor and Publisher, The Digest; Paul Bryan, Lecturer, University of California Berkeley; Tony Haymet, Visiting fellow, United States Studies Centre and Director and Vice-Chancellor Emeritus at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego; and Joelle Simonpietri, Operational Manager, Energy and Contingency Basing And Deputy, US Pacific Command Energy Team.

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Drones, gender and identity in the new American way of war

12 May 2015

The US Studies Centre together with Sydney Ideas and Seymour Centre presented a panel discussion following a performance of Grounded, a play by George Brant. Dr David Smith moderated the panel discussion, which explored drones, gender and identity in the new American way of war.

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Unholy Fury: Whitlam and Nixon at War - Book Launch

1 May 2015

The Centre held a reception in the Sydney CBD to launch the book Unholy Fury: Whitlam And Nixon At War by Centre research associate James Curran. His book uses previously classified documents to reveal the inside story of just how close Australia came to losing the US alliance.

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Night-time Design: Envisioning Luminous Cities

29 April 2015

Leni Schwendinger is a lighting designer working for Arup in New York. She is an expert in the illumination of architectural and public spaces around the world. At this event she presented her creative illuminated environments, ones that highlight infrastructure and neglected spaces – opening up fresh ideas for local districts. Leni guided the audience through a community-based design process with international case studies.

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An Evening with George Takei

16 April 2015

Social media megastar, activist and actor George Takei, the man best known for his portrayal of Mr Sulu in the acclaimed television and film series Star Trek, reflects on his life, work and personal history in conversation with United States Studies Centre CEO Bates Gill.

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Student Roundtable with The Honourable Jeffrey Bleich

14 April 2015

Selected Centre students were invited to participate in a roundtable discussion with The Honourable Jeffrey Bleich, former US ambassador to Australia and visiting professor at the US Studies Centre.

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Bringing Order to Cyber's Wild, Wild West: The Future of Data Privacy and Data Security

14 April 2015

Fresh from President Obama’s Cyber Security Summit at Stanford University, former US Ambassador to Australia, Jeff Bleich, discussed the security and privacy challenges facing internet users, and how the United States plans to address them. The visionaries who developed the internet, never expected that one day this system would carry virtually all of our nations’ critical infrastructure and sensitive personal data. While governments have now developed some effective security measures, the private sector has often lagged, potentially leaving vital systems – banks, utilities, water supplies, and transportation grids – vulnerable to malicious attacks. A recent summit hosted by President Obama offered a candid assessment of the challenges posed, and it produced new commitments to deploy advanced technologies, collaborations, and regulations to keep the internet safe and secure. Ambassador Bleich shared insights from the summit and prospects for taming the internet’s wild, wild West.

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China's conflicted policies toward its periphery

16 March 2015

The United States Studies Centre and China Studies Centre were pleased to host a roundtable discussion with special guest Michael Yahuda, Emeritus Professor at the London School of Economics and a Visiting Scholar at the Sigur Center for Asian Studies, the Elliott's School, George Washington University.

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Robert Zoellick on the TPP and Greece

Former president of the World Bank Robert Zoellick, who was in Australia to speak at Centre conference on US–Australia trade, discusses the future of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the US–Australia Free Trade Agreement, and the current economic turmoil in Greece.


Progress of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Former deputy director-general of the World Trade Organization Andrew Stoler, who will be speaking at the Centre's conference on the Australia–US trade relationship, looks back at the benefits of the 2005 free trade deal between the two nations and forward to the potential Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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