National Summit

Emergency Management and Business Continuity Summit

20 September 2011 - 21 September 2011

The Emergency Management & Business Continuity Summit was a two-day event, staged at Dockside in Sydney, that aimed to draw on the expertise of front-line organisations – both public and private sector – that are dealing with enterprise-wide emergency management and business continuity programs – in Australia. This event featured Edward Blakely Honorary Professor in Urban Policy & disaster recovery expert and C. Ray Nagin, former Mayor of New Orleans.

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2011 National Summit - The 9/11 Decade: How Everything Changed

6 June 2011 - 7 June 2011

Two years on from 9/11 then-US Vice President Dick Cheney remarked that terrorist attacks on New York and Washington had "changed everything" - that the United States national security strategy had altered forever.

Indeed it has changed the world – from geopolitics, peace and stability to freedom, democracy and human rights. It has also changed the global standing of the US, now recognised for its strengths as well as its vulnerabilities.

With the tenth anniversary looming, and in ways Cheney could not have anticipated, 9/11 has changed everything – but how?

Government decision-makers past and present, thought leaders and academic experts from the US, Australia and around the world joined together to take stock of the first epoch of the new millennium, the 9/11 Decade.

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2009 National Summit: Sustainable globalisation - Will it survive the GFC?

11 June 2009 - 12 June 2009

The US Studies Centre held its biennial National Summit from 11-12 June 2009 in Sydney, jointly hosted with Harvard University. The theme for the Summit was "Sustainable Globalisation". Distinguished guests from Australia, the US and Asia assessed the impact of the first global recession since World War II on long-standing issues concerning globalisation, including global governance, labour standards and corporate social responsibility as well as climate change and energy security.

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2007 National Summit: 21st century America - Reflections, challenges and aspirations

10 December 2007 - 11 December 2007

The United States Studies Centre held its inaugural National Summit on 21st Century America: Reflections, Aspirations and Challenges, which explored emerging trends in American foreign policy, politics, business and society. The 150 participants included academics, postgraduate students, and representatives from government, consular offices, the media and business.

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James Brown

Australia in firing line if US and China go to war

Associate Professor James Brown says Australia faces some tough decisions if tensions escalate between the US and China.

Simon Jackman

About the US Studies Centre

Centre CEO Simon Jackman explains the Centres wide range of teaching, research, study abroad and outreach activities.

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