Housing Affordability – Lessons from America applied in an Australian Context

5 March 2015

Future Cities Collaborative is pleased to host a roundtable discussion with special US guest Dr David Rosen on Housing Affordability, to be moderated by Professor Edward Blakely. The roundtable will explore financial models for affordable housing in the Australian context.

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Can You Afford to Live Where You Choose?

4 March 2015

How do we respond to the challenge to deliver housing that is affordable relative to household incomes for first homebuyers, renters, key workers and the disadvantaged? David Rosen, a US authority on affordable housing finance discusses the strategies they are using in the US.

The event is co-presented by Sydney ideas

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Transformation in Energy Technology Innovation: Actually Making the Smart Grid

16 February 2015

As part of its Alliance 21 program the US Studies Centre is pleased to host a roundtable discussion with special guest James L. Connaughton, Executive Vice President at C3 Energy in Redwood City, California. Previously Connaughton was the senior energy, natural resources and environment advisor to President George W. Bush.

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Looking Ahead: Next Steps for the Deepening Australia-US Alliance in the Asia-Pacific

21 January 2015

Looking Ahead: Next Steps for the Deepening Australia-US Alliance in the Asia-Pacific took place on Wednesday 21 January, 2015 at the Brookings Institution, Washington DC. The full-day conference featured expert panels and keynote presentations by political, business, and academic leaders from both sides of the Pacific, with a particular focus on the Asia-Pacific strategic environment, trade and investment opportunities, and defence ties.

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International Dialogue on Women in Leadership

16 November 2014 - 17 November 2014

The G20 Leaders' Summit in Brisbane is a high level international platform for exploring ways in which full participation by women will improve global economic growth. A partnership between the US Studies Centre and Griffith University, the International Dialogue on Women in Leadership is an official G20-related event and follows the G20 Leaders' Summit. The conference will explore and discuss important issues around women’s participation and global growth, women in leadership in government and politics, and business.

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Digital Nudging: How we think and behave differently in a world full of screens

14 November 2014

Ground-breaking behavioural economist, Professor Shlomo Benartzi from the UCLA Anderson School of Management, spoke at this event presented by the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, University of Sydney Business School and US Studies Centre. Professor Benartzi is a leading authority on behavioural finance and (along with Professor Richard Thaler, co-author of Nudge) pioneered the Save More Tomorrow program (SMarT). The program has encouraged millions of people in the US and the UK to start saving to boost their retirement savings, and is now being offered by the majority of large companies in the US and a growing number of plans in Australia and the UK.

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TV Nation: What The Wire, House of Cards, and Girls can teach us about America

29 October 2014

The telly. Most of us switch it on to switch off. We watch it to "decompress." To unwind after work. Sometimes we even indulge in a little "trash." Commonly understood, television is an unserious and unintellectual medium. Something trivial, it serves as a diversion. Yet, such a view discredits both TV and its viewers, since each is capable of serious commentary. As the French Philosopher Jacques Derrida never tired of pointing out: what a society marginalises says a lot about what it holds centremost. Therefore, the idea that television comes after or apart from work, that it stands outside serious social and political inquiry, could tell us a lot about the political and social institutions it supposedly reflects.

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US Trivia Night at the Manning Bar

28 October 2014

Think you know America? Can you list all 43 presidents in order? Do you know all the House of Cards characters? From politics to pop culture and history to Hollywood, get your friends together and take on the US trivia challenge for your chance to win a $100 bar tab and other great prizes!

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New Orleans as Subject: Beyond Authenticity and Exceptionalism

18 September 2014 - 20 September 2014

An international conference bringing together leading international scholars to question what lies beyond New Orleans’ exceptional history and authentic culture. Organised by lecturer Thomas Adams and featuring a presentation from lecturer Aaron Nyerges, the conference brings together scholars in anthropology, English, history, media studies, and political science to situate studies of New Orleans within larger global patterns and cross-cultural comparisons.

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Festival of Dangerous Ideas: Putin

8 September 2014

At a time when the world is coming to grips with tragic fate of MH17, and looking for answers, it is more important than ever to discuss how to deal with Vladimir Putin and the Russian regime. This Festival of Dangerous Ideas event is a broad discussion with Russian journalist and activist Masha Gessen and Centre research associate Tom Switzer, looking at how to approach Vladimir Putin and his regime.

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Netanyahu plays wedge politics in the US

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has put himself in an awkward position between Congress and the White House in a bid to influence American foreign policy towards Iran. Lecturer Malcolm Jorgensen looks at the move.



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