Sydney Ideas | The centre cannot hold: rethinking the 1960s in America and beyond

21 April 2016

As the United States teeters under the weight of Trumpism while inequalities of race, class, gender, and nativity inspire protests and political organising, it has become increasingly common to harken back to the political divisions of the 1960s. At this event an expert panel will explore the usefulness of the ‘1960s’ as a point of comparison for contemporary politics and culture not just in the US but around the world in locales like Brazil and Greece. What has changed in the way we think about the 1960s as scholarship on the decade has passed from those who participated in its upheavals to those who study it as scholarly project? Is the ‘1960s’ a coherent category of historical time and analysis? If so, are the inequalities, oppressions, and counter-revolutions of the contemporary world producing a ‘new 1960s’?

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American Cultures Workshop: Professor Andrew Diamond

20 April 2016

The American Cultures Workshop united scholars of disparate disciplinary and methodological backgrounds from across the Asia/Pacific region who share a common research focus on the United States. This workshop featured guest speaker Andrew Diamond, Professor of History and American Civilization at the University of Paris-Sorbonne. Professor Diamond presented a chapter entitled "Economizing the Black Metropolis" from his forthcoming book City on the Make: Power, Race, and Inequality in Chicago.

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The responsibility of philanthropy

4 April 2016

The US Studies Centre and Philanthropy Australia hosted a special event focusing on foundations and philanthropic giving with presentations from two of America's leading voices on the topic.

The event, co-hosted by Sydney Ideas, included a presentation on "The Responsibility of Philanthropy" by Stephen Heintz, president of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, followed by the launch of US Foundation Funding for Australia, a new report examining grantmaking by US foundations that focus on Australia. The report was presented by Bradford K. Smith, the president of the Foundation Center of New York.

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Election Watch 2016: Book presentation with Dr David Smith

23 March 2016

Location: Perth, Western Australia

The Perth USAsia Centre will welcome US Studies Centre senior lecturer Dr David Smith to Perth for their inaugural Election Watch 2016 event. His book, Religious Persecution and Political Order in the United States, examines why the state has acted to protect some religious minorities while allowing others to be persecuted or actively persecuting them.

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An afternoon with Dr Anne-Marie Slaughter

4 March 2016

The US Studies Centre and the Sydney Opera House hosted a public forum on US foreign policy featuring Dr Anne-Marie Slaughter, president and CEO of the New America Foundation, international lawyer, foreign policy analyst, political scientist and public commentator.

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This is not America: A celebration of David Bowie

3 March 2016

This is not America was a celebration of David Bowie featuring microtalks from special guest Professor Will Brooker live via skype from London on what he learned while living like Bowie for a yearAnwen Crawford, writer and music critic reading Tracy K. Smith's Bowie poem 'Don't You Wonder Sometimes?', Dr Rodney Taveira on Bowie, Warhol, and Tarantino, and Dr Rebecca Sheehan on Bowie’s legacy.

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Super Tuesday Trivia Night

2 March 2016

Super Tuesday excitement kicked on into the evening with a trivia competition. The US Studies Centre's trivia challenge was a chance to test knowledge and team up with friends for a chance to win a $100 bar tab and other great prizes. Teams flexed their grey matter with three rounds of questions focused on the US elections past and present.

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Understanding ISIS: A conversation with military strategist Dr David Kilcullen

23 February 2016

Watch the Sydney launch of Dr David Kilcullen’s book, Blood Year: Islamic State and the Failures of the War on Terror.

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Religious Persecution and Political Order in the United States

18 February 2016

USSC academic Dr David Smith launched his new book, Religious Persecution and Political Order in the United States, at a special event at the University of Sydney. Smith's book is the first study to compare the persecution experiences of many religious groups, explaining the similarities and differences between those experiences which goes beyond celebratory accounts of religious freedom in America.

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Women in Financial Services Leadership: US and Global Progress

3 December 2015

The United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney hosted an invite-only roundtable discussion with president and CEO of Women's World Banking Mary Ellen Iskenderian. The discussion focused on US and global progress in promoting women in financial services leadership.

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