Investigating True Detective

21 May 2015

With its transfixing debut season winning over both critics and viewers, HBO’s True Detective cemented its place in television history. Through a combination of gritty narrative, mysterious visual style and revolutionary casting, the show has revitalised the long-standing TV crime genre. The Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Melbourne has assembled a panel of speakers including US Studies Centre lecturer Rodney Taveira to dicuss the themes of one of TV’s most acclaimed crime dramas.

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Low Carbon Transport on the Move

14 May 2015

The Centre, in partnership with the New South Wales Government, held a conference in Sydney on Low Carbon Transport on 14 May 2015. Convened by adjunct professor in sustainability at the Centre Dr Susan Pond, the conference featured leaders from industry, academia, and government from the USA and Australia.

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Building out the Alternative Aviation Fuel Industry in the USA, State by State

13 May 2015

Commercial aviation is at the forefront of the emerging alternative fuels industry. The US is leading the world in taking alternative fuel technologies to scale and commercial reality. The US Studies Centre brought leading American experts to Sydney to discuss the market opportunities and market drivers for fuel supply diversity, drawing upon the US experience as potential success templates for creating similar opportunities in Australia.

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Drones, gender and identity in the new American way of war

12 May 2015

The US Studies Centre together with Sydney Ideas and Seymour Centre presents a panel discussion following a performance of Grounded, a play by George Brant. Dr David Smith will moderate the panel discussion, which will explore drones, gender and identity in the new American way of war.

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Inside the 2016 Presidential Election

11 May 2015

The US Studies Centre and the Australian American Leadership Dialogue hosted a bipartisan dialogue with Anthony T. Podesta, former advisor to President Bill Clinton and Barry Jackson, former Chief of Staff for Speaker John Boehner and key advisor to President George W. Bush. The discussion focused on the 2016 presidential election race, domestic politics, and the future of US engagement in the Indo-Pacific.

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Unholy Fury: Whitlam and Nixon at War - Book Launch

1 May 2015

The Centre held a reception in the Sydney CBD to launch the book Unholy Fury: Whitlam And Nixon At War by Centre research associate James Curran. His book uses previously classified documents to reveal the inside story of just how close Australia came to losing the US alliance.

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Grounded: a play by George Brant

1 May 2015 - 16 May 2015

Seymour Centre, Red Stitch and the US Studies Centre presented Grounded by George Brant. Brought to Sydney from Melbourne, Grounded was nominated for five Victorian Green Room awards (including best theatre of 2014). It was also nominated by the Guardian and the London Standard as one of the top 10 plays of 2013.

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Night-time Design: Envisioning Luminous Cities

28 April 2015

Leni Schwendinger is a lighting designer with expertise in the illumination of architectural and public spaces around the world. She presented her creative illuminated environments, ones that highlight infrastructure and neglected spaces – opening up fresh ideas for local districts. Leni guided the audience through a community-based design process with international case studies.

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Enduring Legacies

23 April 2015

In the year that marked the centenary of the battle of Gallipoli and the seventieth anniversary of the end of World War II, Sydney Ideas presented a panel of contributors, including the US Studies Centre's James Brown, to Griffith Review No 48 Enduring Legacies. Exploring the consequences of Australia's involvement in war with a critical and inquiring eye, and shifting the focus away from battles and commemorations, they provided their thoughts on the legacy, and long shadow, of the great wars of the twentieth century.

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An Evening with George Takei

16 April 2015

The Centre and Sydney Ideas at the University of Sydney presented an evening with George Takei, actor, author, social justice activist, and social media mega-power. The man best known for his portrayal of Mr Sulu in the acclaimed television and film series Star Trek, reflected on his life, work and personal history.

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Susan Pond

A bright future for alternative fuels

In the lead-up to the Centre's Low Carbon Transport On The Move conference, adjunct professor in sustainability Susan Pond discussed the promise of renewable energy in Australia.


Barry Jackson on the 2016 race

Former chief of staff to House Speaker John Boehner and key advisor to President George W. Bush Barry Jackson looks at the Republican field in 2016 and grades the performance of the Republicans in Congress.

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